Neuroscience Guide & Wellbeing @ Work Survey Results 2020
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Our Team

Louise Furlong

Executive Consultant & General Manager Queensland

Lois Freeke

Manager, Asia Pacific & Outplacement Services Lead

Emma Adams

Manager - UK, Europe & the Middle East

Lisa Morell

Executive Consultant, Sydney

Debbie Jardine

Senior Consultant, temporary & contract staff, Sydney

Kelly Gentle

Senior Consultant, Sydney

Anna Skeels

Executive Consultant, Melbourne

Emma Naglieri

Senior Consultant, Melbourne

Natalie Brooker

Senior Consultant, temporary & contract staff, Melbourne

Rebecca Dounis

Office Manager, Sydney

Natasha Walkingshaw

Senior Administrator

Ciara Cunningham

Marketing Manager

Alice Judges

Business Development Executive

Amelia Da Mota

Recruitment Resourcer