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​NGO Recruitment is working with a broad range of international candidates who are sector experts (climate, sustainability, human rights, international development, and other specialists), and specialists with transferrable skills, who are actively searching for permanent opportunities in the not-for-profit sector in the APAC region.

Below is a list of pre-screened professionals based across Australia and Asia Pacific who are ready for the next step in their careers.

If you would like to discuss their experience, skills and availability, please contact us in Melbourne on +61(0)3 8080 8978 or and quote the candidate number.

Should your requirements differ to the profiles below please contact us to discuss our full recruitment process.



31288987 – Campaigner with Asia and Global Experience, Asia Pacific
  • A passionate social justice activist with experience in multi-faceted strategies, corporate engagement, capacity-building and policy advocacy
  • Experienced in coordinating with corporates, NGOs and technical experts
  • Leads strategy development and corporate engagement
  • Accomplished policy advocate and researcher on climate change adaptation strategies and other rights-based campaigns
30844455 – Climate Campaigns and Advocacy Officer, Philippines
  • Passionate, on-ground climate policy campaigner and advocate
  • Experienced policy analyst and evaluator of over 100+ policies and funding proposals
  • Developed and worked on 30+ successful online and on-ground campaigns for climate justice
33544262 – Climate Campaigner, Australia
  • Develops and leads campaign strategies for regional export economy away from fossil fuels
  • Expert on regional renewable energy and clean energy transition
  • Experienced in corporate outreach, managing relationships and developing engagement strategies
  • Directly lobbies and drives policies supporting decarbonisation of high emissions sectors
9013052 – Advocacy Campaigner, Thailand
  • 14+ years in climate and energy transition and other rights-based advocacy campaigns
  • Extensive experience in leading large-scale projects funded by bilateral and multilateral donors
  • Experienced campaign strategist and private sector engagement to facilitate shifts in policies and practice
  • Strong understanding of regional policies around sustainable consumption and production, gender and social inequality

ESG and Sustainability

30932740 – Senior Consultant, Climate Change and Sustainability, Japan
  • Sustainability expert with a passion for human rights advocacy within major corporates
  • Strong understanding of sustainable reporting standards and frameworks within finance
  • Coordinates discussions and engagement between corporates and human rights/ climate experts and NGOs
3092435 – Global ESG Lead, Singapore
  • Experience leading a diverse sustainability portfolio for global companies in multiple sectors
  • Developed and led sustainability reports in alignment with GRI, SASB and UNGC standards
  • Holds sustainability degree and certifications
30924574 – Environmental Sustainability Program Manager, Europe/Asia
  • 11+ years’ experience with sustainability issues within the textile and apparel industry
  • Leads environmental and human rights initiatives focused on water stewardship, energy efficiency and chemical safety
  • Supported supply chain sustainability initiatives
  • Holds environmental management and health/ safety auditing certifications and is GRI certified
31158150 – Sustainability and ESG Manager, Singapore
  • Experienced in corporate ESG strategies, net-zero roadmaps, targets and initiatives
  • Strong understanding of TCFD analyses and risk assessment for corporate annual reports
  • Skilled in data processing, analysis and reporting systems for transparent environmental management
30483755 – Sustainability Manager, Indonesia
  • A sustainability and ESG strategist with 8+ years in renewable energy, sustainable fisheries and banks
  • Experienced in ESG strategies and led the establishment of an ESG monitoring system
  • Conducted gap analyses using UNDP SDG Impact Assurance and improved internal ESG policy consulting cross-divisions
  • Experienced in B Corp certification and Sustainability Award for ESG and impact management initiatives
29752483 – Sustainability Consultant, Japan
  • Designs and facilitates sustainability learning programs and workshops
  • Skilled in presenting technical information about biodiversity and forestry to the public and for educational purposes
  • Expertise in community development, and public-private partnership engagement
19206906 – Chief Sustainability Officer, Australia & South Asia
  • Experienced in carbon accounting and budgeting
  • Demonstrated experience with urban development and infrastructure sustainability
  • Certified as an environment and energy management auditor
  • Corporate sustainability and reporting expertise within government, NGOs and the private sector
31466520 – Senior Consultant, Japan
  • Consultant with global background in sustainability, technology solutions and trade
  • Leadership expertise in sustainable supply chain networks
  • Multi-stakeholder collaborations on nature-based projects and corporate sustainability practices
  • Degrees in sustainable development and management, and Media and Governance

Corporate Engagement/ Partnerships

31321813 – Asia Regional Lead, Energy Transition
  • 15+ years of experience in the clean energy market in Asia
  • A technical expert in energy transition and corporate decarbonisation strategies
  • Experienced with program strategy and project budgets focused on high-emitting sectors
  • Master of Science in Environmental Management
30553570 – Corporate Partnerships, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific
  • Manages global corporate partnerships and strategizes in developing opportunities across multiple APAC offices
  • Developed sustainability focused regional campaigns and initiatives on risk disaster, climate action, clean energy integration, water, sanitation hygiene and gender
  • Actively involved with volunteering and social work
30906111 – Stakeholder Engagement and CSO Expert, Indonesia
  • 20+ years in international development, stakeholder engagement and policy work
  • Expertise in climate finance, renewable energy and energy transition mechanisms
  • Developed stakeholder engagement frameworks and ensured stakeholder participation and understanding of workshops
  • Extensive background in partnership collaboration with international development organisations, government agencies and academics

Climate/ Energy Analysts

31471314 – Climate and Energy Expert, Asia Pacific
  • Confident technical expert, presents technical climate data at conferences, seminars and for the public
  • Develops, analyses and recommendations and policy papers
  • Experienced in net-zero scenario modelling and GFG inventories for transparency
21755657 – Southeast Asia Analyst
  • Experienced research analyst in energy security, climate adaptation and international affairs
  • Expert in energy policy in Southeast Asia
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate energy trends, analyse large data and develop strategies
  • Builds strong partnerships with diverse stakeholders
25230978 – Assistant Director, Sustainability Policy Programs, Singapore
  • Demonstrated ability to bring policymakers together across the APAC region
  • Experienced with analysis on carbon pricing
  • Provides analysis and research across sustainable development and agroforestry policies
  • Has conducted financial scenario analyses across different sectors
28606592 – Senior Advisor, Energy Policy, United States
  • A lead for U.S net-zero climate strategies within government
  • Strong understanding of UNFCCC
  • Experienced in research and analysis for advocacy on climate legislations
  • Demonstrated ability to create reports and design policies on decarbonisation programs, plus consulting experience
32951469 – Senior Climate Change Specialist, Philippines/ Asia Pacific
  • 30+ years of program management, risk management, auditing and infrastructure development
  • Experienced consultant on climate infrastructure mitigation and adaptation
  • Demonstrated ability in capacity-building and to strategize and develop projects from the ground up
  • Experienced in stakeholder engagement with an established network of multilaterals and financial institution partners
32635262 – Policy/Regulations, Senior Asia Program Specialist, Indonesia
  • Policy lead in Southeast Asia, responsible for developing policy strategies and engaging with regulators and policymakers to support sustainable development
  • Corporate engagement specialist for key sector commodities, specifically in deforestation
  • Engages with stakeholders to align their environmental disclosures with TCFD and ISSB

Program Management

31377528 – Project Manager, Australia
  • Coordinates project activities, advocacy campaigns and develops influencing strategies
  • Skilled in program grants and developing capacity building programs
  • Manages database for public procurement within Vietnam’s energy sector
31428986 – Deputy Director, Australia
  • 15 + years in designing and delivering training courses in Vietnam and Australia
  • Developed programs around childhood development, mental health and community awareness and climate impacts
  • Expertise in grant applications, project activities and budgets
  • A well-versed policy advocate through workshops, policy briefs and multimedia
23525885 – Philippines Energy Expert
  • 35+ years in regional clean energy leadership and program management
  • Specialised in stakeholder engagement
  • Developed and led business models for sustainable operations
  • Expertise in planning and implementation of renewable energy projects
2154819 – Program Manager, Thailand
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple project portfolios across renewable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Experience engaging with regional stakeholders including CSO’s, NGO’s and private sector
  • Strong understanding of sustainable development issues and policy across the Mekong Region
19307329 – Program Officer, Vietnam
  • Experience leading NDC implementation into region
  • Developed and implemented climate change adaptation and nature-based programs
  • Experience conducting a feasibility study for wastewater management systems
  • Provides technical advice and support on large scale energy finance and forestry finance projects in the region
17590081 – Country/Regional Director, Asia Pacific/Australia
  • 20+ years in non-profits, international development and sustainability sector. Global expertise, working rights for Australia.
  • Demonstrated leadership in development, delivery and management of multi-sector and multi country programs
  • Significant experience working with multilateral donors, developing funding proposals, donor negotiations and donor contract management
  • Strategic networker with experience in securing funding for projects

17590081 – Country/Regional Director, Asia Pacific/Australia

  • 20+ years in non-profits, international development and sustainability sector. Global expertise, working rights for Australia.
  • Demonstrated leadership in development, delivery and management of multi-sector and multi country programs
  • Significant experience working with multilateral donors, developing funding proposals, donor negotiations and donor contract management
  • Strategic networker with experience in securing funding for projects

Climate/ Energy Finance & Sustainable Finance

27702680 – Head of Advisory, Japan
  • Experienced energy finance analyst
  • Skilled in market research and revenue analysis
  • Demonstrated ability to engage in and enhance ESG integration and sustainable finance across corporates and sustainability agencies
29430135 – Energy Transition Mechanism Senior Fund Coordinator, Asia Pacific
  • Experienced public and private capital mobilizer and fundraising lead
  • Technical and financial expert in coal to clean energy mechanisms
  • Strong understanding of national and international APAC legal frameworks, and climate change litigation
19027253 –Senior Consultant, Economics and Climate Change, Australia/France
  • Expertise in TCFD and climate risk evaluation and alignment
  • Experienced with emissions strategy, modelling and economic feasibility
  • Conducted policy benchmarking, analysis and government program evaluation
  • Strong understanding of scope 3 emissions and supply chain sustainability
26707656 – Chief Sustainability Analyst, Japan
  • Experienced ESG analyst with 13+ years in sustainable finance and investment
  • 20+ years in Japan’s financial markets and in rating agencies
  • Expertise in green, social and sustainable bonds and loans
12517864 – Environmental and Sustainability Consultant & Philanthropy, Asia Pacific or International Director
  • 20+ years of leadership in environmental protection and human rights
  • Expert in impact strategy and organisational growth in climate change, environmental protection and rights-based advocacy
  • Leading strategist for advocacy, regranting, capacity building and engagement programs across APAC
31050026 – Climate and Energy Finance Specialist, Indonesia
  • Experienced sustainable finance specialist with a focus in renewable energy, sustainable transport, infrastructure and climate adaptation
  • Strong understanding of climate risk standards, including IFRS and TCFD
  • Managed multi-million-dollar grants and philanthropic budgets
  • Helped develop and implement Indonesia’s taxonomy for sustainable finance
  • Presenter and moderator of seminars and climate discussions in Southeast Asia


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