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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)

Since 2004, NGO Recruitment has recruited diverse candidates for our clients, primarily driven by the services offered to marginalised communities – from international NGOs campaigning for human rights and Indigenous health bodies to grassroots organisations delivering disability services and more.

Our client base has consisted of not-for-profit social sector organisations including those focused on disability, eating disorders, HIV/AIDS, Indigenous services, LGBTIQA+ services, mental health, multicultural and multi-lingual community groups, refugees, seniors, youth based services, vegetarian and animal rights, women’s health and legal services.

We have, therefore, placed hundreds of diverse candidates over many years including those with disabilities and neurodiversity, refugee backgrounds who speak specific languages, candidates identifying as LGBTIQA+, candidates with lived experience of mental health issues, eating disorders and brain injuries, candidates living with diseases such as HIV/AIDS and heart disease, older people, younger people, vegetarians and vegans.

While we have always ensured our recruitment processes are free from discrimination and biases, we have taken the next step towards diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) to ensure that we continue to attract a wider, fairer and more diverse talent pool for our clients. Our long term investment in DEIB includes the ongoing review our internal recruitment processes, training our consultants and creating invaluable DEIB resources for our clients.


How does NGO attract a diverse candidate shortlist?

  • We advertise across multiple job boards (where different job boards attract different candidates). 
  • The wording in our job advertisements is constructed carefully and triple checked to remove gendered and bias language.
  • We directly encourage diverse and minority candidates to apply.
  • We comprehensively screen candidates prior to shortlisting to obtain a better picture of current skills and attributes which may not have been captured in a CV. 
  • When interviewing or screening, we take detailed notes and review them prior to decision making, removing recency bias from our processes.
  • We have a solid reputation for excellence and care in the work we do which attracts candidates from all walks of life.
  • We ensure that all our branding and communications include representation of a diverse range of individuals, signalling NGO Recruitment as available and accessible to all candidates.
  • We are committed to ongoing consultant training and self-reflection to make sure our own opinions and biases are removed from our recruitment decisions.

DEIB requires commitment, effort and accountability. Should we partner with you, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the role DEIB plays in our recruitment campaigns.


Click a link below to download the NGO Recruitment quick DEIB reference guides.