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Are you in need of temporary, contract or permanent staff right now? We can provide candidates to cover interim needs including annual leave, personal leave, parental leave or project based assignments.

Below is a range of interviewed and qualified candidates, many of the temporary candidates are available immediately or at short notice. Most of these candidates are able to work remotely or in the office.

To find out more about any of the candidates below or if you need someone with a totally different skill set, please contact us:

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30024685 – Project Manager

  • 12 years’ experience in health care organisations
  • Success in delivering projects with tangible operational and cost efficiencies
  • Qualified PRINCE2 and Agile project management methodology
  • Proficient in usage of Adobe Livecycle Designer, Adobe X Pro, Visio, and MS Project
  • Available immediately for long term project or contract roles
  • Charge rate $90 to $100 per hour +GST

30052166 – Donor Campaigns Officer

  • 5 years’ experience in the not-for-profit and fitness sector
  • Skilled in writing donor communications and organising direct mail campaigns
  • Experience with copywriting and website management
  • Familiar with Salesforce, Funraisin,, dashcord and Microsoft office suite
  • Available immediately for short-term or long-term contracts
  • Charge rate $75 to $85 per hour +GST

29394682 – Learning Coordinator

  • Experience gained from public education and large corporate organisations
  • Qualifications in training and assessment, plus primary teaching
  • Skilled in data analysis and researching content for overall program development
  • Motivated to optimise learning experiences to improve employee performance and productivity
  • Available with 1 weeks’ notice for long term contract roles
  • Charge rate $79 to $85 per hour +GST

29418266 – Administration Coordinator

  • 13 years’ experience in the government and aged care sectors
  • Achieved qualifications in accounting, auditing, and database management
  • Strong reporting and communication skills, with an ability to juggle competing deadlines
  • Proficient in software including UKG Dimensions, RosterOn, Epicor, CompliLearn and Altura
  • Available with 1 weeks’ notice for long term contract or project roles
  • Charge rate $75 to $80 per hour +GST

23723833 – Administration Officer

  • 8+ years’ experience working within early childhood, mental health and educational sectors
  • Ability to engage and build relationships with empathy, and create strong partnerships
  • Experienced in creating efficient organisational operations and management of workflow issues
  • Client centred focus with ability to provide query and request resolutions in a timely manner
  • Available with 2 weeks’ notice for long term contract roles
  • Charge rate $71 to $77 per hour +GST

1348917 – Marketing and Partnerships Manager

  • 25 years’ experience working within non-profit organisations
  • Skilled in grant management, communications campaigns, relationship and program development
  • Adaptable, resourceful and results-oriented
  • Qualifications in Effective leadership, Community services, UN & Project Management and Counselling
  • Available with 2 weeks’ notice for longer term project or contract roles
  • Charge rate $78 to $88 per hour + GST

26194763 – Senior Client Support Specialist

  • Over 9 years’ experience as an advocacy specialist improving service and operational processes
  • Successfully developed and implemented DEIB initiatives that align with national framework and delivery models
  • Focused on embedding the voice of diverse groups into priority areas across businesses
  • Achieved a Bachelor of Arts (Society & Culture), Bachelor of Security Studies and a Certificate III Business Administration & Management
  • Available with 1 weeks’ notice for part time contract roles
  • Charge rate $77 to $82 per hour + GST

21205687 – Marketing Strategist

  • Social media and digital marketing specialist with 10+ years’ experience
  • Development and implementation of advertising strategies that align with company branding
  • Master’s degree in Journalism and Communications, Bachelor of Business; Bachelor of Business/Management
  • Strategic thinker and analytical, evaluates current market trends to develop tailored content plans
  • Previously placed through NGO Recruitment with fantastic client feedback
  • Available immediately and interested in part time contract roles
  • Charge rate $90 to $100 per hour + GST

9589151– Project Support Coordinator

  • 10+ years’ of high-level administrative experience
  • A strong background in NFP particularly in disability & NDIS services
  • Strategic thinker that is driven by producing high-quality and positive outcomes
  • Able to adapt quickly to new tasks and environments
  • Immediately available for short and long-term contracts
  • Charge rate $65 to $75 per hour + GST

21351551 – Executive Assistant 

  • Wide range of experience across multiple sectors including 15+ years of media production experience and 5+ years in executive management assistance roles
  • Organisational skills in managing executive diaries, coordinate meetings, invoicing. Within the media sector – screenwriting, scribing and project work
  • Friendly, approachable, and able to adapt to new teams easily
  • MA Film and Television; BA in Communication
  • Previous placement through NGO recruitment with excellent employer feedback
  • Immediately available for short term contracts
  • Charge rate $75 to $85 per hour + GST

1327609 – Administration Officer

  • 10+ years practise in employment and volunteering spaces
  • Knowledge of Salesforce, Office 365 applications and various management systems
  • Skilled in client and vendor liaison, administration tasks such as payment processing, responding to queries, report preparation and database management
  • MA of Information Technology, Diploma of Project Management and HPE Content Manager 9 Linked Training
  • Immediately available for part-time contracts
  • Charge rate $60 to $65 per hour + GST

25971855 – Communications Specialist

  • Over 8 years’ experience working with Government and media organisations
  • Oversees communications projects and develops marketing tools
  • Manages media engagements, develops proactive communication strategies, and supports website development to link the community with initiatives
  • Managed the Instagram account for an Australian business, applying advanced media relations and stakeholder engagement expertise, introducing 6500 businesses to the brand.
  • Bachelor of Communication
  • Immediately available for fully remote contracts
  • Charge rate $100 to $115 per hour + GST




21194439 – Generalist Human Resources Manager

  • Experienced senior Human Resource generalist with exceptional organisational development, employee relations and specialist recruitment experience
  • Experience within a range of sectors including community services, mental health, medical research, public health, NFP sectors and HR/Recruitment consulting
  • Bachelor of Business Degree (Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations) R.M.I.T University
  • Available immediately for short to medium term contracts
  • Previously completed contract with NGO recruitment with excellent feedback
  • Charge rate $110 to $115 per hour + GST

1338671 – Communications Specialist

  • Communications Manager with more than 25 years’ experience in the fields of journalism, media liaison/corporate communications, exceptional interviewing and communication skills
  • Sectors include health, aged care, aboriginal engagement and community housing, palliative care, multiple roles within health services
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, RMIT, Diploma of Health Sciences, VUT
  • Available from early July 2023, 3 days per week
  • Charge rate $95 to $100 per hour + GST

27624489 – Director, Policy Research & Influence / Acting CEO / Board Member

  • Candidate with vast experience in providing strategic advice and leadership in the public sector, working across a broad range of state and federal government departments to manage the delivery of high profile organisational, policy and portfolio priorities in Victoria and nationally, in particular family violence awareness, housing and accommodation
  • Graduate Diploma of Social Sciences, Graduate Certificate Social Inclusion, Bachelor of Social Welfare
  • Available 30 June 2023
  • Charge rate $135 to $145 per hour + GST

5868733 – Project & Policy Officer with strong operations focus

  • Strong stakeholder management skills across corporate, government, philanthropy and not-for-profit
  • Values-driven and a strong team player to achieve outcomes
  • Highly organised and passionate about using tech platforms in CRMs and project management to drive efficiency in the workplace
  • Currently completing MBA
  • Available 8 May 2023
  • Charge rate $85 to $90 per hour + GST

1976530 – Digital Content and Strategic Planner

  • Experienced in all areas of online marketing including content writing and planning, social media presence, building active online communities, SEO and key word optimisation, identifying and interpreting CRM data, and implementing and overseeing end-to-end communication programs
  • Available 13 May 2023
  • Charge rate $85 to $90 per hour + GST

5931363 – Executive Assistant

  • Highly dedicated and organised Executive Assistant with a passion for community service
  • Exceptional organisational, communication and IT skills
  • Experienced in not-for-profit sector, emergency relief, housing assistance, information services
  • Available immediately
  • Charge rate $55 to $60 per hour + GST

1353038 – Communications/Media Specialist

  • Extensive experience in media planning, writing, editing, pitching to media, media engagement
  • Adept at analysing and calculating potential risk in terms of content and advertising
  • Available 15 May 2023
  • Charge rate $85 to $90 per hour + GST

2145507 – Global Partnership Relationship Manager

  • Extensive leadership experience in partnership, fundraising and communications with technical   experience   across   key   portfolio   areas   of communications, marketing, fundraising, advocacy and project management
  • Local and international not for profit
  • Vast fundraising experience and knowledge
  • Available early July 2023
  • Charge rate $140 to $145 per hour + GST

27373829 – Specialist Advisor

  • 15 years of knowledge and experience working in the family violence sector
  • Lead organisational change and capacity building in line with reforms and frameworks
  • Provides consultation and support to clinical teams and stakeholders on family violence complexities
  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Psychology), Diploma in Gender Studies and a Postgraduate Diploma in Women’s Studies
  • Available immediately for short or long term contracts
  • Charge rate $85 to $93 per hour + GST

25683390 – Case Manager

  • Qualified social worker with 12 years’ experience working in the welfare sector in Government and non-profit organisations
  • Additional experience in fundraising, proposals, advocacy and housing support roles
  • Passionate about environmental justice and animal welfare issues, working and volunteering with like-minded organisations
  • Bachelor of Social Work & Arts, Postgraduate Diploma in Writing & Literature
  • Available immediately for part time contract roles
  • Charge rate $66 to $73 per hour + GST

23932168 – Fundraising & Partnerships Specialist

  • 6+ years’ of working within the NFP and education sectors
  • A variety of impressive achievements throughout their career including successful grant applications
  • Has worked within a number of for purpose organisations ranging from animal welfare to health
  • Experience in managing and training fundraising teams
  • Immediately available for short and long-term contracts
  • Charge rate $70 to $80 per hour + GST

22006371 – Fundraising Assistant

  • 2 years’ experience working in the NFP sector
  • Competent in coordinating large offline campaigns through direct mail, face-to-face events, and phone calls
  • Experienced in generating reports on campaign performance and budgets
  • Prides themselves in being organised and able to solve problems quickly and effectively
  • Immediately available for short and long-term assignments
  • Charge rate $55 to $65 per hour + GST

26499323 – Programs Coordinator

  • 5 years’ experience working in the NFP sector, predominantly for health based organisations
  • Delivered a large information based program to support people living with health problems
  • A collaborative working style with an enthusiasm for building positive stakeholder relationships
  • Experience with and quick to learn various software and CRMS
  • Available with 2 weeks’ notice for short or long term assignments
  • Charge rate $60 to $70 per hour + GST

1369635 – Director of Governance and Compliance

  • Executive manager with over 15 years’ experience managing business operations and being a 2ic for the CEO
  • Provides high-level advice and support services to board members and the senior leadership team
  • Knowledge of budget development, strategic planning and human resource functions
  • Background in leading education and non-profit training organisations
  • Available with 1 weeks’ notice and interested in project or long-term contract roles
  • Charge rate $110 to $120 per hour + GST

21438926 – Fundraising & Events Officer

  • Individual and community care focused individual, with a background in marketing and events
  • Skilled in resource development, Salesforce, data entry and cultivating donor relationships
  • Successfully coordinated an event that raised over $350,000 and garnered over 1300 participants
  • Bachelor of Public Health / Health Promotion & Commerce
  • Immediately available for short or long term contracts
  • Charge rate $65 to $75 per hour + GST

5928783 – Executive Assistant

  • 20+ years’ experience providing administrative and operational support across a range of industry sectors including NFP, technology and retail
  • Provides high level support to executive members, through administration tasks and supporting their leadership teams
  • Experience in recruitment activities and strategies, through sourcing, interviews to on-boarding new employees via the ELMO system
  • Ambitious, pursues new environments and opportunities to develop and hone skills
  • Immediately available for long term contracts
  • Charge rate $105 to $115 per hour + GST

19826153 – Executive Event Producer

  • Over 30 years’ experience in event management and technical production across sectors in public and corporate event arenas
  • Significant knowledge in processes, designs, techniques, and solutions to deliver successful, creative programs and campaigns
  • Spearheaded and managed over half a dozen high profile projects and experiences for the Australian community
  • Diploma of Graphic Design; Photography studies; Certificate I in Construction (Work Safety in Construction); Certificate of Interior Design
  • Previously placed through NGO Recruitment with excellent employer feedback
  • Immediately available for part-time contracts
  • Charge rate $65 to $75 + GST

 26274460 – Senior Campaign Manager

  • Marketing manager with over 6 years’ experience supporting government sector agencies
  • Developing, identifying and integrating successful marketing and campaign strategies to increase market performance and deliver relevant content to audiences
  • Key career campaigns encompass the COVID-19 response nationally
  • Master of Positive Psychology
  • Immediately available for short or long term contracts
  • Charge rate $75 to $85 per hour + GST

5571594 – Fundraising Coordinator

  • Donor contact officer with 2 years of NFP experience
  • High level proficiency in database management, stakeholder liaison and donor communication
  • Bachelor of Arts, Core Connection (Online Business School); Graduate Certificate on Family Domestic Violence
  • Passionate for the human rights sector, volunteering for organisations that promote women’s and children’s safety
  • Immediately available for short or long term contracts
  • Charge rate $55 to $60 per hour + GST



25929350 – Senior Finance Executive (CFO & Company Secretary)

  • Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce with CA ANZ qualification
  • Finance professional with 25 years in NFP, Legal, Property and Construction
  • Well experienced in managing over thirty staff in finance and property
  • Company Secretary in large well known not-for-profit
  • Available immediately for permanent, temporary and contract roles
  • Charge rate $165 to $175 per hour +GST


28229302 – CEO, COO & General Manager (Multi talented professional)

  • Bachelor in Business , Mini MBA and Six Sigma Green Belt qualified
  • 25 years operational, management and customer engagement experience
  • Fundraising, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications and digital sectors
  • Proactive leader who drives performance and encourages diversity in the team
  • Available immediately for permanent, temporary and contract roles
  • Charge rate $160 to $170 per hour +GST


25422446 – Finance Officer / Accounts Manager

  • Qualified CA with 5 years’ experience working as an accountant
  • Experience in preparing and maintaining annual budgets and cashflow forecasts
  • Staff management and training experience
  • Excellent understanding of Xero and proficiency in MS Office, especially Excel
  • Positive and friendly disposition, works autonomously and well within a team
  • Immediate availability for temporary or contract assignment
  • Charge rate $99 – $110 per hour + GST

24734136 – Marketing Coordinator

  • Marketing and communications specialist with a background in healthcare, retail and transport
  • Degree qualification in communications
  • Well versed in campaign planning and execution
  • Confident candidate who blends creative and analytical skills to refine marketing strategies and craft compelling content.
  • Experienced in graphic design, website content, consumer EDM’s and internal communications
  • Available with 1 weeks’ notice for temporary and contract roles
  • Charge rate $63 – $69 per hour + GST

25364984 – Payroll Team Leader

  • 20 years’ experience working in payroll within retail, hospitality and childcare
  • A team player who is great at encouraging staff and getting best results from the team
  • Knowledge of multiple T & A Systems and various award interpretations
  • Experienced managing end-to-end processing of weekly payroll 10,000 employees
  • Available with 1 weeks’ notice for temporary and contract roles
  • Charge rate $95 – $110 per hour + GST

24811489 – Contracts & Procurement Coordinator

  • Procurement professional with finance and operations experience
  • Degree qualification in Social Communications/Advertising and Marketing and an MPA
  • Experience managing company suppliers’ registration and database maintenance
  • Proficient in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Can manage a high volume of invoices and supplier payments
  • Available immediately for temporary and contract roles
  • Charge rate $83 – $90 per hour + GST

 23924920 – CFO Advisory Services

  • Purpose driven, energetic CFO
  • Fully qualified CPA, familiar with accounting standards and has a current Blue Card
  • Experience in managing teams across finance, IT, HR, governance, risk and compliance
  • Knowledge of relevant legal and compliance requirements relating to NFPs
  • Available with 2 weeks’ notice for temporary and contract roles
  • Charge rate $133 – $150 per hour + GST

25941500 – Events Manager

  • Energetic and motivated professional with a real passion for events
  • Degree qualified in Business and Fine Arts through QUT
  • A confident multi-tasker who can work independently and prioritise tasks accordingly
  • Ability to project manage all aspects of events from conception to completion
  • Available immediately for temporary and contract roles
  • Charge rate $63 – $75 per/hour + GST

25933411 – Salesforce Business Analyst/Consultant

  • Salesforce Business Analyst with experience evaluating and improving business systems
  • Degree qualified in Information Technology and a Certified Salesforce Administrator
  • Certified in ITIL V3 and PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner
  • Hands-on experience in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud & Financial Cloud
  • Knowledgeable in project management and keeping abreast of current software/updates
  • Available with 2 weeks’ notice temporary and contract roles
  • Charge rate $133 – $160 per/hour + GST

For temp and contractors, all final charge rates are inclusive of the candidate hourly rate, superannuation 10.5%, agency fee, WorkCover Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Payroll costs.