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Director, Sydney

Richard is well-known and respected in not-for-profit circles primarily because of his deep-seated integrity and insight into how to harness human talent to create a better world.

He’s proud of NGO Recruitment’s 100% success rate and cultivates a culture where thoroughness trumps throughput: ensuring his consultants can take the time to deeply understand clients needs and deliver quality placements.

Before launching NGO recruitment in 2004, Richard established a reputation for success in non-profit and charity fundraising. In building and guiding teams responsible for philanthropy, giving, grants, campaigns and direct marketing, Richard came to appreciate the critical importance of hiring highly skilled, articulate and motivated people.

He knows that crucial environmental, health, and societal improvements are put at risk when non-profits can’t attract people ideally suited to the sector’s challenges—from the Board and senior leadership level right down to people answering phones or engaging donors on the street.

As the leader of NGO Recruitment, Richard draws on his 25 years’ recruitment and sector leadership experience to provide mentorship to an expert team that has placed over 5,000 candidates in more than 500 organisations across Australia and internationally. He directs and refines consultation and sourcing processes with the goal of being able to genuinely present the best available talent in the marketplace to clients.

In what can be a cutthroat industry, he has earned trust through delivering a transparent and considerate experience for both clients and candidates. He champions an approach that prioritises communication and feedback, and never compromises on quality for a fast outcome.

Indigenous affairs and protecting the environment are two causes close to Richard’s heart. As well as decades of waging his own personal ‘war on plastic bags’, between 2016-2022 he was a dedicated Board member for Australia—a grassroots movement that develops campaigns to hold world leaders and industry accountable to the realities of climate science.