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Manager, Asia Pacific & International

With an international background and global recruitment expertise, Lois manages NGO Recruitment’s Asia Pacific and international recruitment. She has more than 19 years’ recruiting experience, leadership and business expertise, and is often invited to be a media resource and spokesperson on career development and non-profit recruitment topics.

Lois has a stellar reputation built on personal integrity, reliability and professionalism. She’s driven by a genuine desire to place more good people into the not-for-profit space, to increase social impact and since joining NGO Recruitment in 2021 she has helped many international non-profits with multi-country operations to hire effectively. She also helps Australia-based NGOs seeking to foster diversity or hire for international experience.

Having lived and worked overseas for much of her career, including a role as the China GM of a global recruitment brand, Lois understands the challenges faced by international recruitment and the complexities of building global teams. Lois’ depth of international experience and rigorous approach means she excels in sourcing senior leaders, finding candidates with unique skills, and recruiting for positions affected by local talent shortages.

She’s found exceptional candidates for hard-to-place roles, such as regional directors for complex programmes in Asia and the Pacific, campaign strategists, and technical and thematic experts for international development, humanitarian aid, climate action, research institutes and animal welfare organisations, among others, internationally. Lois is the recruiter who clients call on when their recruitment efforts have been exhausted and they need to retain the services of an industry Specialist.

Lois has numerous qualifications from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is also a certified Asperger’s/Autism employment coach. She established NGO Recruitment’s career transition services—a first-of-its-kind offering for the non-profit sector.

Prior to making for-purpose recruiting and career coaching herfocus, Lois held a number of senior leadership roles internationally in recruitment and marketing; and ran her own successful business.

Lois supports humanitarian and international development causes and volunteers as a career mentor for Women in International Development.