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Why NGO Recruitment?

NGO Recruitment is the not-for-profit recruitment specialist across Australia and Asia Pacific with a reputation for service excellence

We have extensive recruitment experience, in depth firsthand knowledge of the sector and unrivalled networks

We partner and collaborate with our clients every step of the way to source the very best talent

Our creativity and understanding of cultural fit underpins our recruitment success

Our unrivalled networks

With over 25 years’ not-for-profit sector and commercial recruitment experience, our founder Richard Green is widely recognised as Australia’s leading not-for-profit recruitment professional. Our team of mature consultants also has extensive experience in delivering quality recruitment services to this highly specialised sector. Our unrivalled networks, leading search strategies and constantly evolving candidate database of 175,000 registered professionals all allow us to source the very best local and international talent.

Our creativity

Our sector expertise means we are highly skilled at assessing and recommending ideal candidates from within the not-for-profit sector. Where appropriate, we will also recommend potential candidates from the corporate or government sector who have strong transferrable skills and a fresh perspective. Not everyone is suitable, and assessing values alignment and cultural fit is, as always, of crucial importance.

Our specialist knowledge

Our consultants have a specialist knowledge of the complex environment in which not-for profits operate. We understand the necessity for transparency and accountability to donors, funding bodies, clients and other stakeholders. And we deliver tailored recruitment services to match. We are also highly experienced at recruiting for government funded not-for-profits and have the procedural expertise to make sure we find you the right talent within this environment.

Our commitment

We are committed to our clients every step of the way. We specialise in executive and difficult to source roles with long lead times and are honest from the outset about the challenges we may face. We are always 100 percent committed to finding the right person – and we will not stop until we do.

Our focus on cultural fit

Understanding the importance of cultural fit and making it a priority during the recruitment process is at the heart of our recruitment methodology. After almost 15 years of behavioural and cultural assessment, we are uniquely placed to gauge the cultural fit of our candidates as an indicator of long term success within your organisation. As a testament to this, 93% of our placed candidates are still in their role two years post\placement.

Our service excellence

Our reputation for service excellence also underpins our longstanding relationships within the not-forprofit sector. We often partner with our clients for the long term and our candidates in turn, often become clients themselves. We focus on going above and beyond in all that we do and our can do, resultsdriven approach is highly valued.

Our focus on diversity

We are committed to diversity and our recruitment
processes are free from biases regarding a candidate’s
gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation and other
characteristics not relating to job performance. We search
through diverse talent pools to provide you the very best
shortlist for each and every role

Our international reach

We work with a broad range of international NGOs and
specialise in headhunting professionals from within
the global not-for-profit community. Our extensive
international networks, candidate database and
advanced online, print and social media advertising
strategies allow us to shortlist the very best candidates
regardless of location.