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Operations & Finance Manager

Rebecca brings new meaning to the term ‘well-organised’: she lives and breathes for streamlining the business side of recruiting. Since 2018 she’s astutely managed NGO Recruitment’s operations and finance function, and has more than 15 years’ of total experience in managing the inner workings of high-performing recruitment firms.

Excellent time management, responsiveness and proactive problem-solving are key qualities Rebecca demonstrates daily as she provides valuable strategic planning, administrative support, financial expertise, IT services and facilities management.

Rebecca takes charge of embedding effective systems, mitigating risks, controlling costs and payments, and ensuring the NGO Recruitment team can access the workplace amenities, tools and resources they need to underpin effective recruitment processes. She understands that when back-end operations run smoothly, it removes friction and delays from consultants’ work day, which enhances the value they can offer to clients.

Rebecca guides a small yet industrious team of support staff, coordinating their efforts so that back office, accounts and payroll tasks are handled in an accurate and timely fashion. She also carefully handles business transactions with clients and suppliers to maintain positive external relationships.

Previously, Rebecca has held various operations, finance and office management roles in Australia, London and Singapore, including operations and finance manager with a global executive search company.

Rebecca believes in helping young people get a good start in life. In the past she’s helped fundraise for youth support charities and was also involved in setting up a mentoring program for young adults looking for work.