NGO Recruitment’s NFP Hiring insights and salary snapshot 2022

Executive Consultant & GM Qld

Louise is a persistent and discerning recruiter with more than a decade of experience in placing passionate people within non-profits as the head of NGO Recruitment’s Queensland operations. Confidently covering every angle of the recruitment process, and making every person she interacts with feel like her priority, is how Louise stands apart.

With her warm personality and relentless curiosity, Louise is great at getting to the heart of a client’s requirements and keeping candidates engaged and informed—essential in a tight talent market. She prioritises communication and works hard to understand each client’s cause, culture, context and unique approaches, so she can speak intelligently to candidates and find the best fit.

Her extensive track record in successful NGO placements includes securing a new Chief Operating Officer for Australia for UNHCR and ActionAid; various clinical leadership and support roles for The Butterfly Foundation; leadership, legal and IT positions for multiple community legal centres; CEO and executive placements for various Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations; and a state director and multiple department heads for Canteen.

Louise recruits nationally but is savvy to local differences across Queensland and the Northern Territory, including how to attract and screen candidates suitable for regional and remote locations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Identified positions.

A consummate recruitment professional, Louise has more than 22 years’ experience and previously worked primarily in the banking and finance sector including senior roles at Westpac, Suncorp and ANZ Careers.

Louise values time with her family, likes to unwind at the beach, and cares about supporting her community—especially organisations that help people experiencing domestic violence and homelessness.