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The Fight for Talent in the Climate Change Battle

Since 2010, NGO Recruitment’s international desk has recruited for a wide range of not-for-profit organisations worldwide, sourcing both local and expatriate candidates for roles based in the Asia Pacific region and internationally. Head of NGO Recruitment’s Asia Pacific and international team, Lois Freeke, now supported by Aya Long, is highly successful at searching for a… Read more »

Ikigai – Your First Step Towards Meaningful Job

Numerous NGO Recruitment’s candidates have a fundamental desire to find meaningful work, contribute to a cause that is important to them, or ‘give back’ to society. They feel their life and career lack purpose, or that they have spent the first part of their careers in a job that didn’t ultimately fulfil them. We hear… Read more »

When your large NFP organisation experience is not an advantage

Lois Freeke, NGO Recruitment’s manager for Asia Pacific & International, recently spoke with Devex, an international media platform with a focus on global community development. The article focuses on the misconception that having a large international company as an employer will allow for an easy job transition process. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Jobseekers… Read more »

Animal Welfare NFPs in Australia & the Asia Pacific region

In our previous blog we spoke about the structure of the not-for-profit sector in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. In this blog, we will be focusing on animal welfare and rights as a sub-group of the NGO sector. Animal welfare charities are on the increase with approximately 1,300 charities in total registered with the… Read more »

NFP Hiring Insights and Salary Snapshot

Our latest salary snapshot is available now. If you would like to discuss it with us, please contact our team.     The NGO Recruitment Hiring Insights and Salary Snapshot 2022   The Australian NFP sector is heading into the new financial year with renewed energy – and has welcomed the change in federal government,… Read more »

Asian fund execs depart industry to make more ‘tangible’ ESG impact

Ignites Asia recently reached out to seek insights from NGO Recruitment about why ESG (environmental, social and governance) fund executives are leaving their financial careers in search of roles in the social impact sector.  Lois Freeke, our Manager for Asia Pacific & International Recruitment spoke with Ernest Chan from Ignites Asia. Unfortunately, due to Ignites Asia… Read more »

Are you formatting your resume wrong? This might help.

We share some tips on optimising your CV so that it stands out from the crowd. As technology has advanced, the ability to create a bright, snazzy looking resume has never been easier. But just because you can put a million different graphics, lines, columns and graphs into the document, should you? Probably not. You… Read more »

Are you including your headshot in your CV? Think again

Source: Pro Bono We share three reasons why including your headshot will actually put you on the back foot in your job search While a professional looking headshot is important, it’s necessary to think about where you’re using it. While it was once commonplace to include a photo at the top of your CV, talk to… Read more »

These are the in-demand roles for 2021

In 2020, the pandemic wreaked havoc across the job market, with many companies putting hiring freezes in place or letting staff go as revenue streams disappeared. A year on, and with millions of Australians still in lockdowns across the country and still working from home, it’s obvious that the pandemic is far from over. To… Read more »

NFP Hiring Insights and Salary Snapshot

Australian Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector rising to the Covid-19 challenge. Australian NFP hiring intentions remain strong during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the latest NGO Recruitment Hiring Insights and Salary Snapshot shows. With new lockdowns in place across several states, in July 2021, NGO Recruitment surveyed 100 Australian NFPs to assess the impact of the global pandemic… Read more »

Why showing off your impact will nab you a great hire

Source: Pro Bono News Got purpose? Here’s why you should make it shine to recruit a top notch employee The latest research shows candidates are more loyal to a purpose-driven organisation. Employees at purpose-driven organisations are also more likely to have higher rates of productivity, and even stay longer at the organisation. With all this in mind,… Read more »

Here’s how you can nail a call-back interview

Source: Pro Bono News Have you secured a second interview? Here’s what you need to know These days, it’s likely you’ll come up against several hurdles before actually landing a job. Prepping for a first job interview is essential, but just because your application has been progressed doesn’t mean you should relax The second interview… Read more »