NGO Recruitment’s NFP Hiring insights and salary snapshot 2022

Recruitment Resourcer

Lyndal is an experienced administrator who is wildly passionate about helping others. Since 2021, she’s put that belief into action at NGO Recruitment by using her strong organisational and communication skills to support recruiters. Lyndal diligently approaches fundamental tasks like developing content to engage talent, reference checks, and candidate searches.

Her collaborative style is underpinned by a strong sense of compassion. She’s efficient and process-driven but always takes the time to learn about each client’s mission and the importance of the position being filled. Lyndal is motivated by matching talented people to jobs with purpose, that enable non-profits to make a lasting impact.

Lyndal’s career includes more than 10 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, with previous roles in managing admin teams, developing processes, and guiding projects. She also has qualifications in nutrition and has previously supported hiring in the healthcare space.

Breaking down stigma, and improving opportunities for vulnerable and marginalised communities are important to Lyndal. As a volunteer with the Butterfly Foundation’s lived experience network she provides support to others with eating disorder and body image concerns, raises awareness and advocates for change.

Lyndal is currently completing a Bachelor of Psychology, and plays an active role in helping her fellow students. She provides guidance to new students as a Peer Mentor and is also a member of a Deakin University Student Association working group to explore ways to better engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.