NGO Recruitment’s NFP Hiring insights and salary snapshot

Recruitment Consultant

Erin joined NGO Recruitment with nearly four years’ experience within the medical recruitment industry. While acting as the administrative support function, Erin learnt from and worked alongside senior recruiters from many walks of life, developing a deep and detailed understanding of recruitment for hard to fill positions. This led to Erin’s passion for working with Aboriginal Medical Services, placing general practitioners in remote areas of Australia and Indigenous communities in need.

Erin focuses on providing a high level of service and positive experience to all clients and candidates and takes the time to gain a deep understanding of their needs. Through sewing and other hobbies, Erin makes consistent, practical lifestyle changes regarding issues such as sustainable fashion and waste reduction. In addition, Erin regularly donates whole blood and plasma to Red Cross Lifeblood, supports animal welfare organisations, and stays across equality movements, particularly regarding Indigenous Australians and Neurodiversity awareness.