NGO Recruitment’s Fundraising Salary Snapshot 2021

Our Process

There are four general stages across all of our specialist recruitment services:

Stage 1 – Discovery

  • Provide proposal outlining commitments and terms of engagement
  • Undertake thorough assignment briefing with key stakeholders
  • Determine candidate profile, search strategy and key milestones

Stage 2 – Talent Mapping and Search

  • Conduct extensive talent mapping to identify potential candidates
  • Commence tailored advertising and social media campaign
  • Execute advanced search and networking strategies

Stage 3 – Selection

  • Undertake initial NGO Recruitment interviews to assess technical and cultural fit
  • Conduct behavioural and aspirational interviews with psychological profiling and skills testing as needed
  • Deliver shortlist and assist with interview process, panel selection and scenarios

Stage 4 – Negotiation and Review

  • Conduct interview debrief and assist with final candidate selection
  • Extensive reference checking and other checks
  • Assist with offer management, candidate resignation and transition
  • Conduct post-placement review and regular candidate follow-up