NGO Recruitment’s NFP Hiring insights and salary snapshot 2022

Executive Consultant, Queensland

Sally brings a level of maturity and versatility to the recruitment process that can only be gained through experience and a commitment to personal growth. A beacon of positivity as well as a professional powerhouse: Sally is driven to make a difference in people’s lives through high-quality placements.

Her recruitment industry career spans more than 15 years — beginning in South Africa before being hand-picked to move to Australia and join a global recruitment company in 2015. Sally is able to engage with people from all walks of life, which when combined with her recruitment experience, delivers a well-rounded professional who is trusted by her clients to deliver on their expectations. She specialised in recruiting executives in the commercial sector for a range of industries prior to joining the NGO Recruitment team in 2022 to apply her skills in sourcing talent for NGOs across Queensland.

Sally recruits CEOs through to frontline workers, for temporary and permanent positions. She’s particularly adept at placing white collar positions such as senior executives, finance and technology experts, program and policy officers, marketers, and administrative staff.

Gaining the opportunity to migrate with her family to Australia, through her hard work, was a proud moment for Sally. She’s a spirited and appreciative person who strives to motivate and support her colleagues, candidates and clients. Professional rigour is also important to Sally, which shines through in her efficiency and precise communication style.

Clients and candidates find Sally easy to open up to, because of her compassionate nature and great sense of humour. In past recruitment roles, Sally has held leadership positions where she has been recognised for her ability to nurture business and builds lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.  Sally has a Diploma in Recruitment and Labour Relations, as well as a Higher Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Massage & Aromatherapy, which she acquired while living abroad in the UK.

Outside of work, Sally and her family find joy by spending time at the beach, playing tennis and experiencing new cuisines. She is also passionate about natural remedies, photography and gardening.

Sally Simons