NGO Recruitment’s NFP Hiring insights and salary snapshot 2022

Associate Consultant

Jolene has a passion for understanding how businesses and people tick, which she uses to bring high levels of trust, clarity and order to multifaceted recruitment processes.

Working to support NGO Recruitment’s Sydney team since early 2022, Jolene is prized for her thorough and insightful approach to activities including screening candidates, preparing client proposals, reference checking and database management. Both methodical and organised, she values working collaboratively with co-workers and clients to maximise efficiency and achieve success.

Degree-qualified in human behaviour and having completed additional studies in business management, Jolene can skilfully fathom people’s motivations, evaluate personality and core competencies, and consider a client’s team dynamics from a psychosocial perspective. Her career history in sales and marketing roles has also honed her intuition, listening, and people skills. She’s able to quickly put people at ease, read between the lines, spot discrepancies, and give recruiters nuanced information to guide better placements.

Jolene knows hiring well is important—for both the success of non-profit organisations and the job satisfaction of candidates—and she doesn’t take the responsibility of her position lightly. She believes that communication is a fundamental driver of developing and maintaining trust, so she gives people her undivided attention and keeps the lines of communication open to provide reassurance.

Being able to help NGOs every day makes Jolene’s work life meaningful. In other spheres of life, she regularly donates to causes focused on mental health, and gets fulfilment from achieving fitness goals by practicing weightlifting and jujitsu.