NGO Recruitment’s NFP Hiring insights and salary snapshot 2022

Associate Consultant

Diyva capitalises on her breadth of global talent management experience to underpin NGO Recruitment’s success, with a special focus on supporting sourcing for international non-profit roles.

With more than 12 years’ of recruiting experience gained across a range of HR management and staffing roles within a large multinational, Diyva contributes valuable perspectives on global hiring, talent mobility, compensation, engagement, diversity and inclusion. Her qualifications in both HR and computer science enable her to apply innovative approaches to attraction, screening and selection processes.

Since joining NGO Recruitment in 2021, she has helped to place perfectly-matched candidates into roles based in Australia, Japan, Singapore, and across APAC, for a variety of development agencies, charities, humanitarian organisations and groups working to tackle worldwide issues such as climate change.

Divya is an emotionally intelligent recruiter who tactfully communicates and provides a trusted link between clients and candidates. She knows that small details matter when it comes to capturing the nuances of clients’ needs and delivering a positive candidate experience.

Divya has previously held senior international staffing and HR roles with leading telecommunications conglomerate AT&T, boosting its presence and impact in India. Values-driven recruiting for NGOs was a logical career move for Divya, who cares deeply about wellbeing as a committed yoga practitioner, and actively campaigns for the Save Soil initiative and other environmental causes.