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Recruitment Consultant - Temp & Contract

With a proven ability to secure strong temporary placements in a talent-short market, Rebecca fortifies NGO Recruitment’s interim hiring capabilities across New South Wales and Victoria.

Since launching her career in the recruitment field in 2015 as a hard-working administrator, Rebecca has learnt the ropes and evolved into a savvy and relationship-driven recruitment consultant who understands organisational talent management trends and challenges.

Rebecca fills temporary and contract roles at varying levels of seniority, with a focus on administrative, operational, finance and marketing positions. She’s proud of her temp-to-permanent track record: while all candidates she places provide short-term value into an organisation, many are also asked to stay long-term.

Rebecca joined NGO recruitment in 2022 following fast-paced roles focused on temporary recruitment in the commercial sector. She has a bachelor’s degree in event management and is experienced in using technology to streamline recruitment processes and deliver multi-media marketing campaigns.

Having honed her skills during a period of talent scarcity, Rebecca is skilled at clearly explaining, and adapting to, up-to-the-minute market conditions. She expertly helps not-for-profits to clarify their needs and expectations, and find the common ground that allows them to benefit from best-fit candidates ready to step into a role.

Rebecca’s ambitious and dynamic nature is tempered by her sincerity and empathy: she listens well and excels at customer service and communication, even while working quickly.

As a mindful person who’s committed to taking care of her own mental and physical health, Rebecca enjoys journalling, going to the gym and exploring the outdoors. She supports charities dedicated to mental health and helping people experiencing homelessness and unemployment.